DENVER, CO. March 2021– Bumperslide is a family-owned small business that works specifically with car wash brands.

With decades of extensive car wash marketing and branding experience, Cranium Agency has launched Bumperslide Car Wash Marketing. Bumperslide positions themselves as an exclusive agency that works with select car washes within a market territory. They provide services such as branding, marketing, advertising, online SEO, campaign development and launches, as well as website design. They’ve done it all!

Bumperslide CEO, Alex Valderrama stated, “After nearly 35 years in the Marketing and Branding world, I wanted to direct more focus on the long established, yet developing, car wash industry. A handful of our long-term clients are car wash businesses that we have helped evolve over the years. We are eager to assist additional car wash businesses with greater brand recognition, more consistent customer loyalty, and stronger sales.

A little background on the name “Bumperslide”. It comes from a favorite winter pastime living in the Midwest. After continuous days of freezing temperatures and snowstorms that layered the streets with snow and ice, we would head outside into the cold, grab the back of a car bumper, and slide around slippery corners and down the streets.