Experience, Design, and
Growth Marketing

Bumperslide works closely with Car Wash businesses to build a strong brand recognition, create a clear market position, and foster steady business growth.

Bumper Sliding in The Midwest

Our Story

We started our first agency in 1989 working with clients such as Massey-Ferguson, Maytag, Principal Financial, and many more.

People often ask us where the name “Bumperslide” came from. Our humble beginnings are from the Midwest. If you spent any time in the Midwest during heavy snowstorms, you might have experienced long days of boredom. This is how we spent our favorite pastime, “bumper-sliding”.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Here at Bumperslide, we are a group of dedicated branding and marketing professional’s, building an agency to best serve you and your Car Wash marketing needs.

As an agency, we believe that every brand has a purpose. Our purpose at Bumperslide is to position you to be the leading Car Wash within your market territory. We will accomplish this goal by providing your Car Wash with the epitome of the best proven, tried-and-true marketing strategies.

You can count on our team at Bumperslide to stop at nothing short of being a superb partner.

Alex Valderrama

CEO/Brand Strategist

Alex Valderrama is one of the nation’s top brand strategists, award-winning designer, author, and the Principal at Cranium Agency.

Through his unique branding expertise, Alex has helped many brands rise above their competition, build strong brand recognition, create a clear market position, and foster business growth with go-to-market strategies.

Sarah Valderrama

CMO/Senior Content Strategist

Sarah’s previous experience as a Pre-Sales Consultant and Content Strategist are paramount to her success, although Sarah’s true set of talents lies in her marketing knowledge.

Outside of the workplace, Sarah is the wife of local small business owner and together they raise their three beautiful children in Castle Rock, Colorado. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys hiking with her family and preparing for the zombie apocalypse by watching The Walking Dead.